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Restring 10



Restring 10
Restring Floyd Rose 20
Restring 12 string 15
Restring Classical Guitar 15
Set Intonation Only 15
Truss rod adjustment only 10
Raise or lower nut only 15
Setup (Includes restringing, intonation, truss rod adjustment, fretboard treatment and inspection) 35 + strings (add 10 for Floyd Rose or 12 string)
Fret dressing 80 or 100 with set up
New bone nut 35 or 40 for 12 string
Pre fab nut 25
Install 1 Machine Head 10.00
Install 6 machine heads 25
Replace 1 fret 15.00
Total refret unbound 200
Total refret bound 250
Defret bass 100
Glue broken headstock (no touch up) 75
Glue broken headstock with touch up 150-200
Install strap button 10


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The Story So Far

Graham High is both a professionally trained Luthier and an accomplished musician. Working with wood was a family affair, and Graham learned his carpentry skills early at the hands of his grandfather and his father. He taught himself how to play the guitar at age 15. When he created his first instrument as a high school art project, he found an outlet that combined his love of music along with his passion for artistic woodworking and skilled craftsmanship.

Graham was employed at Lasido in Quebec as a set up man, where he worked on Godin, Seagull, Norman and Simon Patrick Luthier guitars. He learned his craft next to David Freeman of Timeless Instruments in Tuskage, Saskatchewan and Joe Kovacic of Lado Luthery School in Lindsay, Ontario.

Graham is skilled in the building of electric and acoustic guitars and mandolins. He builds custom instruments in his studio in Niagara Falls, Ontario

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I can also be reached by phone or text at (905) 708-8331.